Promoting the own content, irrelevant in which format it is and what domain you plan to cover can be hard especially for a personal blog which is typically written in the free time. With my blog, I try to cover the IoT and IoT Security domain and was running in the same problems. Here you can find a short overview of my resources.

Quality over Quantity

Every work shall start with some requirements. While in my blog I focus on high-quality content instead of the number of articles published every week or day, also my focus for content linking is similar. Experienced bloggers maybe will disagree with such a strategy if a fast visitors raise is targeted, but my target is a stable readers community instead of a big number of different temporary visitors. On the other side, to be honest, I'm pretty new to blogging and may be wrong with my decision.

The other requirement is to get visibility as an expert in my domain and get in touch with other experts for discussions and experience exchange. This is the other reason why I target mostly the resource with high quality and self-created content instead of the random sorted link list.

Below you can find my collection of resources I'm working with right now. All of them are proven by my self and provide different possibilities. At the end, I would like also to thank the creators and administrators of this resource for their support for my work.

As a short notice. The resources you see below is not the full list. I plan to create a full list, which will be also updated frequently, in the next months but with the target to support the creation of a mailing list.

Blogs, Communities, and Newsfeeds

Blogs with relevant domain content are, from my point of view, the most important chain link for a promotion strategy. The content typically has high quality. Nevertheless, find blogs which are not only focused on product promotion is hard work. My starting point for the research was the List of Top100 on Postscapes. During 6-8h of work, I was going through the complete list and check every of the blogs in accordance with my criteria I have in my mind, related to high quality from my point of view.

From the list, I contacted about 20 of the blogs and got about 5 answers. I know it is not really high but for a blogging noob like me, it is a good starting point. Here is a short overview of them.

IoT Central

Link: IoT Central

IoT Central Logo IoT central is community portal focused on topics like industrial IoT, IoT Infrastructure, IoT Application Development, IoT Data and IoT Security. The content is provided by the IoT central inventors as well as by the users themselves. To contribute a post or discussion some guidelines have to be followed which you can find here.

Besides the possibilities to provide own content, there are possibilities to discuss the topics someone other created, just read some articles, watch a webinar, publish event dates and schedules.

The member list shows ~7000 Members but without the information about how active the members contribute to the community.


Link: Peerlyst

Peerlyst Logo Peerlyst follows a similar concept as IoT central but focuses much more on security topics. Therefore also the number of members is also smaller than on IoT central, but it feels like the members are much more active in the community discuss more, comment more. Regarding the content quality, the number of "News" posts is quite small and the number of spam posts even smaller due to the fact that the quality is controlled by the inventors (e.g. Evgeny Belenky). You can find a lot "How to ", "Root Cause of Vulnerability ...", "Tips for ..." articles focused only on security topics but digging very deep from the technical point of view.

Peerlyst allows to contribute own articles, there are also tips what kind of content is desired (Link)


ieee Logo Yes, the worldwide biggest professional association for engineers is also providing an own sub-association targeting the IoT topics. Registration is for free and you can find a lot of information about all IoT topics including events, definitions, publications, standards, and news.

Surely also the IEEE association provides the possibility to contribute own articles and get them published in a newsletter. Here are the guidelines IEEE Author Guidelines. For me the IEEE looks like one of the most challenging spots where you can get your content published, but also one with a large visibility on your articles.


Kaaproject Logo

Link: Kaaproject Blog

Kaa is an open source project developed by KaaIoT LLC. On the project web page, Kaa is described as

"[...] a multi-purpose middleware platform for the Internet of Things that allows building complete end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications, and smart products. The Kaa platform provides an open, feature-rich toolkit for the IoT product development [...]".

Besides the software, also an IoT Blog is provided on the web page where the authors allow guest contributions. There are no specific guidelines to be followed but after an email conversation between me and the associates from the Kaa Project, I can provide you some insights about the topics and the framework.

  1. The topics they are not interested are general IoT topics like "definition of IoT" or similar stuff. I've provided a list of technical topics I can cover and they were interested in.

  2. They prefer to post the articles originally and exclusively on they own resources and distribute the links via common social media channels. Your benefits are the links to you and your blog.


Council Logo

Link: Council

Council is mainly a newsfeed about IoT topics. About themselves they say:

"Council brings you news on Internet of Things. It aims to offer the latest on technical building blocks but also tries to put this digital transition into a social and circular economy context."

In reality, council provides multiple posts per day having IoT relevant topics without overload the page with ads. After sending a request regarding contribution, the author, Rob answered very fast and included the articles in the feed.

Iot Architect

Yes also for my project I'm open for partnering and offer interested parties the possibilities for a guest article. I do not have any written rules about the content of the article, but it has to fit the main topic of IoT Architect and shall not be focused on marketing for a specific product. Just contact me using the mail form and we can discuss all details per mail.

Mail Form Link: Contact Me

Common Social Networks

Besides the blogs, social media networks are my next preferred publishing platform. While links from blogs increase the Google rating noticeable, social network doesn't (or I do something wrong). But social networks generate plenty of visitors within a short time especially if the content has a good quality and, very important, a good title.

All the communities and groups you see below are frequently updated by the users itself and they are not just content distributors but also great discussion platforms were also network contacts are created.

Linkedin Groups

Group Link Description
Information Technology Professionals ★ Agile Scrum Lean ★ AI, Big Data, IoT, VR, Blockchain, FinTech Link An open group to network with IT professionals and users from around the world.
Information Security Community Link Join the #1 Information Security Community on LinkedIn - the largest community of cybersecurity professionals in the industry.
IEEE Internet of Things Link Join the IEEE's Internet of Things Group as science moves towards highly integrated networks of sensors and embedded systems in devices incorporated into everything from appliances to clothing.
Next Generation Internet @ngimove Link It is clear we need a new kind of thinking that is not about Digital Transition or innovation as these terms hide the pain of what is really happening.

Facebook Groups

Group Link Description
IoT - Internet of Things Link The purpose of this group is to gather IoT enthusiasts, critics, startups, investors. Let's make this a place to share opinions and expertise about Internet of Things.
Internet of things (IoT) - ControlAny Link Control Any - Leading Internet of Things (IoT) Automation Company empowering solutions for the connected world.
Internet of Things (IoT) Link For fun, sharing & community. All about the IoT
IoT Geeks Link Inspire, Ignite, Innovate - To be the world’s most innovative group for people interested in the design and construction of Internet of Things (IoT) electronics devices

Twitter Hashtags

Hashtag Link Description
#IoT Link I guess the most generic tag about IoT
#InternetOfThings Link The same rating as for #IoT
#IoTSecurity Link I guess the most generic tag about IoT Security Topics
#IIoT Link Tweets about the Industry topics in IoT

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