Clear structure and organization are great instruments and a nice mindset to have your tasks done in time over the day, week, month. Spontaneity and flexibility are bringing variety into the daily life but typically prevent you from the first. I personally believe, the art of organization and satisfaction in your job is to find a balance in between the both worlds.

How is the situation for my person? I see my self well organized and concentrated executing one defined task, e.g. if I start renovating my bath, I will do it day after day until it is totally finished. For all organization tasks on the level above, like having a daily To-Do list, I simply didn't find the right way for, therefore I do not do it. From time to time there are good coincidences which forces me to be more organized, like the calender on my mobile phone and the way how it is managed in my current job, but if there a no measures I will not implement them by my own.

The Goal

New and fresh articles again and again, with one word continuity in publishing new content is one of the columns of a successful blog. And a successful blog with many permanent readers and, the most important part, critic reviewers for my work is my main goal for this project.

While a clear target is the best motivation for a change in mindset, here is the one I want to reach by end of December 2017.

Goal: have 500 permanent readers per day

To reach this goal I need to change my habits and my personal organization and create a strategy for my "product". Especially the part with permanent content, which has to be delivered by week day will be the hardest part I guess.

In the following subsections you can find some ideas.


One of my ideas is to have permanent topics on static week days. I know it's nothing new and innovative but a proof "standard" way. The benefit for the user is an overview and a knowledge base he can rely on.

I have the following Ideas

  • Best IoT / Security Posts of Week XX
  • IoT/ Security Fails of the Week XX
  • Definition Day

Best IoT/Security Posts of Week XX

During one week I read at least 20 - 30 blog posts about IoT inovations, ideas, security news etc. some of them are really interesting, but I keep them mainly in my evernote-notebook and maybe share them on linkedin or facebook.

IoT / Security Fails of the Week XX

The same as for "Best" posts but as an anti pattern.

Definition Day

In my daily work I see that many colleagues are often afraid to ask for a "definition" or an explanation in detail due to ... sometimes lack of time in the meeting, [place any reason]. Sometimes decisions are made without good knowledge of the topic, sometimes the decisions are postponed many time due to missing understanding.

My plan is to use the "Definition Day" to explain one topic in detail but without, or using less, tech speak. The domain is the same as for the blog itself "IoT, System Architecture, Security "

Every reader is welcome to send me ideas, using the comment functions or the contact form on the website.


Besides the consolidation and explanation topics every week I want to keep writing also own articles. While I can spend only approx. 1h per day for this tasks the frequency will be not that high but the plan is to have 2 articles per month.

Your input

While I already know that some of my colleagues are following my activities in my blog and on social networks, I would appreciate any critics, ideas, topics.

You can contribute using the comments in my blog directly, using comments on the social network platform or contact me using Contact Form. I read every single comment on every platform.

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