As part of my activities as a security engineer within the BCDS I had the chance to contribute to a webinar. As one of the four experts, and the representative of the device manufacturer part of the IoT chain, I was giving some insights in the daily life as a security engineer. Our Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) was used as an example to visualize the importance of the security topic for BCDS and to close the gap between theory and practice.

Cyber Security for IoT is the Key

At least this was the main outcome of the webinar which was planned, prepared and moderated by the colleagues from BLUMORPHO. The event was part of the cybersecurity component of the European inSSIght project.

Despite the number of presentations I have to do during my normal work I was a little bit nervous at the beginning :-), at least it was my very first webinar and also English is not my native tongue. But at the end, I have a good feeling about the result even if I do not like to hear my recorded voice.

Here is what BLUMORPHO is saying about there products. The Goals

This webinar helps you to find out more about best practices and available solutions to deal with those challenges. Cybersecurity experts will be interviewed during this webinar to define:

  • What are the main cyber holes that are easy to attack and exploit?
  • What are the solutions currently addressed to solve those lacks?
  • How to turn cybersecurity threats into a business opportunity and at what level of the value chain?

Here is an excerpt of the outputs:

When asked what were the main attacks that raised their interest and illustrates IoT security holes, our experts mentioned the MIRAI attack which demonstrated that IoT devices are not attacked for themselves but for the access their security weaknesses give to the all system. Billions of devices on the market can’t be updated anymore because such a functionally wasn’t even designed from the beginning. Too many devices offer paths to attacks the system. The management of keys and secret words is also another major security issue and blockchain could be a good alternative tool to manage the secrecy in each device.

But the weaknesses in cybersecurity policy is not only a technical one as manufacturers and developers are still not really aware of the risks they create. Unfortunately, although some progresses have been made, new products are still designed with a marketing point of view only regardless of security and privacy issues which come afterwards.


Below you can find the videos, introduction and the main part.



You can find my parts at 1:55, 14:00 and 39:00.

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