Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something. (Wikipedia)

In the online world, criticism is often rated like bashing and is in there as well as in the real world often not popular.I see it differently. If I look back to the last 6 month and remember about how I was feeling when I published my articles and got positive feedback. It was great, I was happy, People liked what I wrote, I have to write the next article in the same manner.

BUT I had very rarely the thoughts like "maybe I missed something, maybe it is too long, maybe it is boring", at least not when I got kudos. And I also didn't change anything because, I think, there was no need. Therefore my conclusion is

Positive comments are nice for motivation to continue but the main effect is just gaining the ego.

My target is to gain the quality of my work. This is why I need your critical comments.

Call for negative comments - Am I crazy?

I've started writing my blog in spring 2017 and I really enjoy it. Every time I publish a new article I feel like my brain load is released because now I know where I can find the information. Nevertheless, I do not write only for me but my target is also to transport the knowledge I gather every day also to my community, that's why I invest a lot of time to write long articles with, at least "expected", high quality instead of posting just a picture or a short comment.

What I realized is that the number of readers, visitors, clicks, and shares doesn't increase. Therefore I ask myself "why it is the case?". And because I was not able to find the answer by myself due to routine-blindness, or just blindness I decide to go a more drastic step and request you, my community, explicitly for something many people can not deal with.

I want to have critical comments !!!

No, I do not like to be offended but I really appreciate every critical comment from someone who knows what he talks about, because he is an expert in his domain, and I can use this information to get better.

To be honest, I have currently ~90 experts from different domains on Facebook and ~350 experts on LinkedIn who can gain the quality of my articles extremely just reading and commenting them.

What really helps

Please do not see this section as a restriction a la

"He said we can contribute our negative opinion and now he tries to dictate what we shall say"

My suggestion is, if you write a negative comment with the target to help to improve the quality, you are maybe interested in what information will really help. Generally, every constructive critic really, really help me. Below are some examples

  1. Reference to a passage or line number in the text It helps me a lot if you can exactly say which part of the article you feel bad/boring/wrong with

  2. Details helps extremely It is very hard to get better only receiving keywords like "it is boring". It would help me a lot if I know what I can improve. Is the article boring because of the topic? Is it about my writing style? You as the reader had some expectations clicking on the article what are they?

Here are your victims

  1. IoT Use Case - Battery Powered Device
  2. What is IoT? A Sight on Internet of things definition
  3. FOTA - Firmware Over-The-Air - What is behind


In all social communities simply add a comment to my post where you refer to one of the articles using the number and start to write. Example:

"To 1. The article is too long, it has to many technical details.The article is boring because very technical insert some jokes or so and you use 21 times ass as a part of a word"

In twitter the number of words is limited therefore use the number and keywords. Example:

"1. to long, to technical, boring"

I know the twitter version is really general but nevertheless, please use also this channel if you feel more comfortable and familiar with. If you want you can also write me an email.

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