Last week I announced weekly overviews about different topics, here is the premiere for my "weekly security series". Following you can find the 3 most interesting articles I've read in the week from 15th May - 21st of May. My main requirements to such article

  • less advertisement (absolutely no registration)
  • relevant content

6 In-Demand Internet of Things (IoT) Security Technologies

A short overview about the most important techniques to know to be able to choose the right security mechanism for your IoT device. For everyone who is watching for some statistics about security breaches and attacks.

Header - What is big data

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Tink - small crypto library, written by a group of cryptographers from Google

Daniel Bleichenbacher, Thai Duong, Quan Nguyen and Bartosz Przydatek, cryptographers working for google, develops a small and lightweight crypto-library. They point out explicitly that tink is not a google product.

Basic features of think are:

  • authenticated encryption with associated data (primitive: AEAD)
  • message authentication codes (primitive: MAC),
  • digital signatures (primitives: PublicKeySign and PublicKeyVerify)
  • hybrid encryption (primitives: HybridEncrypt and HybridDecrypt).

Below the basic features it supports also Envelope encryption and key management.

Link to github

5 Encryption Best Practices For Securing Sensitive Data In Higher Education Organizations

An Article by Paul Brown in which he describes the main problems with security in education institutes. Here is short excerpt of his article

Educational institutions of all sizes routinely handle multiple types of sensitive data, including Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, medical information, and other personally identifiable information (PII) which can potentially be stolen. In addition, due to some institution’s focus on research, these organizations may also have access to confidential government and/or business intelligence data regarding trade, scientific or military secrets.

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