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My name is Alexander Paharukov and I'm the author of this blog. I'm passionate about designing IoT products which make our life easier but without the drawback of losing control about what we want and not want to discover about our private life.I'm married and father of 2 beautiful kids, a son and a daughter, who took the most of my free time together with my wife. The rest of the free time I use to spend on my personal project like this blog, cooking, some sports or challenging my daily routines to change them e.g. reduce drastically the tv-consumption, go early to sleep, wake up early to work on my projects ... etc. The small challenges sounds very easy but as soon a you try to change them you will see how hard your brain is set up to run on routines and how long it takes to change them.

In my professional life I was working as an embedded software developer for 5 years. 3 of the 5 writing firmware for industrial displays, projectors and led walls and leading a small team containing of hardware, software and fgpa engineers during the rest. Since end of 2015 I'm working as a system architect for connected devices and IoT with a strong focus on IoT security at Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions .

The roots

As you may be already mention my surname is not easy to pronounce and quite hard to write, even I have sometimes problems if I'm not concentrated. The origin of my surname is Russia just the same as me. Born 1985 and grown up in Nerjungri in the very eastern part of Russia. In year 1996 moved to Germany as an repatriate due to the fact that the family of my mother was banished to USSR during the second world war. Below you can see the route from Nerjungri to Tübingen in Germany my parents took with 2 children to enable the family better perspectives.

Home to Home Route


I'm continuously interested in increasing my network and looking for interesting contacts and partners for discussion, back links, guest articles. If you sens the desire to contact me for professional purposes. Feel free to use one of the following channels or use the contact form on the Contact page. Any advertising or dubious requests will be ignored and blacklisted.


I plan to add a detailed CV in future with a visualization of my career history but due to the fact that there is no real requirement for this (I'm not looking for a job change) I will postpone this task to a later time frame. In the meantime you can check the CV on my LinkedIn profile if interessted.